A Closer Look at Kooistra Dairy

Long-term success in the dairy industry is built on the hard work of people like Sam Kooistra. Hence, Total Dairy Solutions strives to provide the necessary boost to farms that are one with our mission and vision for the industry.

Their Story

Sam left his native Holland at the age of 17 and began working on California dairy farms with a dream of one day having a dairy of his own. After years of tending to cattle as an employee, he achieved that dream in 1980 when he established Kooistra Dairy.

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Kooistra Dairy Today

Today, Sam’s operation has 700 cows in production, using a parallel parlor system. This efficient setup provides a safe and comfortable working space for employees that also delivers a stress-free process for each cow.

Why TDS Works for Sam

TDS works closely with the Koositras to ensure that their parlor delivers enhanced profitability, efficiency, food safety and productivity. The TDS tech team also provides regular support to ensure minimal downtime and optimum performance.