Caballero Dairy

A Look at Caballero Dairy

Craig Caballero is a second-generation dairy farmer continuing a 60-year family tradition of milk production, leading up to their current operation in 2006. With a 5,300-head milking herd, Craig understands that the efficiency and performance of milking equipment are vital to the success of Caballero Dairy. The dairy is unique in the fact that they are vertically integrated from every aspect. The family and their employees do everything from cropping to AI and genomics.

“I am very proud of being part of the dairy industry and all the people that are involved in it, from top to bottom, and what it takes to do and feed the world like we do, feed our communities. We should all be very proud. It is truly a team effort from top to bottom to get that all accomplished. It isn’t just one side of the industry or the other,” Caballero says.

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How Total Dairy Solutions Powers Caballero Dairy

A key to this efficient milking system is the rotary parlor that Caballero Dairy trusts. Its quiet operation, easy loading/unloading, as well as comfortable milking, keep cows calm despite the fast pace. The design of the rotary system keeps workers safe and productive as they move cattle, and the system accurately tracks yield from each cow.

Unrivaled customer service fromTotal Dairy Solutions also keeps Caballero Dairy moving forward. Craig knows that he can contact his representative at any time for technical support and other assistance.