California Dairy Farms

California Dairy Farms

Over the last 12 months, TDS California has taken California Dairy Farms (CDF) to the next level in efficiency and production from the ground up. This location has been milking cows on a double parallel since it opened in 2018 and is now home to a brand new 90 stall rotary parlor. In addition to the rotary, the dairy is now under surveillance of the DelPro Herd Management System, an advanced program to ensure everything is operating at its best 24/7. CDF has also installed the DeLaval MM27BC Milk Meters, a vital tool for cow health and milk quality. These meters use infrared technology to monitor blood pressure, detect mastitis early on, and can find any abnormalities within the milk. 

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More about the farm

California Dairy Farms is owned and operated by partners John Melo and Larry Matos and their families. While Larry began his dairy career in 1995 with his parents, he and John partnered in 2015. Since then, John and Larry have successfully opened multiple dairy locations throughout Central Valley in California, all of which are taken care of by the TDS team. 

Larry said they are extremely happy with the work from TDS in the transition from double parallel to a rotary parlor. The employee and cow flow has gone smoothly and everything has come together better than they expected. Within a week, the parlor was successfully milking their herd 3 times per day. TDS will complete this project by installing brand new teat wands. Larry and John believe in staying fluid with the ever-changing dairy industry and like to stay open to new possibilities. With everything they’ve achieved so far, there is no doubt they will make their mark on the dairy industry.