The Godinho Family's Dairy Tradition

A family-owned dairy since 1990, Godinho Dairy is in its second generation of production. Brothers David, Elder, Emanuel, and Manuel started out on the farm, along with their mother Manuela. When Manuel passed away in 2000, the remaining family members were determined to keep the farm in operation. To do that, they knew they needed an effective system for managing nutrition, health, and production. They turned to Total Dairy Solutions to get it.

Their Operation Today

The family has developed the farm into a 3300-cow operation. Their rotary parlor system makes it easier to manage a dairy of this size. The configuration makes it fast, simple, and safe to move large groups into and out of the parlor. Output is carefully tracked to help the Godinhos monitor production of individual animals and intervene when necessary.

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How TDS Drives Their Future

The Godinho family andTDS work together to build a bright future for the dairy. Their 80-stall rotary system was recently set up with a post-milking teat spray robot. This technology will help improve herd health, as the Godinhos work to expand their herd to a total of 4,000 head.