The Story Behind Rosa Dairy Farm: Following the Patriarch

Carlos Rosa knew from an early age that he wanted to own a dairy. His father had worked on farms as he grew up, so it only made sense to go into the same line of work. The difference was that Carlos would be an owner, not an employee.

Rosa Dairy Farm Today

Carlos achieved that dream in 1990 when he began operations at Rosa Dairy Farm. From that first day, Carlos has maintained the family tradition that has brought him so much success. He and his wife have been married for 31 years. As a smaller farm in the area, the Rosas have also diversified into the almond business.

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TDS Supports the Dairy’s Future

Total Dairy Solutions is a vital partner for Carlos as more than just a farmer. He also works as a TDS account manager, giving him a wider perspective on how TDS supports farms like his. With 550 head to milk, Carlos has found that his parlor system provides an efficient means of milking the herd, maximizing production, and supporting health while keeping his farm profitable to help his family reach their goals.