Vandenbrink Dairy

Vandenbrink Dairy

Vandenbrink Dairy is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada and is owned by Henk & Evelien Vandenbrink and Henk & Martine Vandenbrink. The family moved from the Netherlands in 2005 and purchased the farm. After several expansions, they’re currently milking 240 cows, raising their own youngstock, and farming 1,000 acres.

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Transitioning with the times

Like many dairy farmers, the Vandenbrink’s understand that keeping up with technology is vital to a dairy’s success. They started with a DeLaval double-10 parallel parlor, but since 2019, they’ve been milking with 4 DeLaval V300’s in combination with a herd navigator. They utilize a sand bedded free-flow barn with Artex stalls, head lockers, and ventilation. Production equals an impressive 41 kgs with 4.1 fat. Vandenbrink Diary also uses other top-of-the-line technologies including JOZ manure scrapers and a feed pusher. Their barns also feature automated calf feeders.

When asked about the transition to robotic milkers, Henk Vandenbrink said, “The first months were a big adjustment for the cows and us, but soon things really started to click and it has been good so far. Besides the training of fresh heifers, we hardly fetch cows and we usually have around 3.1 milkings/day. We have an older robot that’s converted to a feed station that is located in our dry cow/springing heifer group, and we feel this helps get those new heifers trained right.”