A Sustainable Feeding Solution: HydroGreen

Any dairy owner or operator can tell you their number one cost without even thinking about it – and the answer is the same for nearly every dairy around the world: feed. With the size and scale of today’s dairies coupled with dialed in nutritional requirements, feed comes at the cost of not only dollars and cents, but also time and expertise.

Together with HydroGreen, TDS has a solution that automates feed production in a controlled environment while reducing labor, eliminating expensive inputs, reducing environmental impact and improving total ration quality. TDS is the distributor for HydroGreen in North America.

HydroGreen is a division of CubicFarm® Systems, a local chain ag-tech company founded by farmers. Founded in 2015, the company’s mission is to create technology to successfully feed our changing world.

HydroGreen grow systems are modular and scalable to meet the needs of growing herd sizes. For example, six (6) HydroGreen GLS 808 modules can produce around 34,000 pounds of live fresh feed every day, enough to feed over 1,000 cows. The feed produced in a grow system provides a good source of both energy and digestible fiber, and an excellent forage for high-production dairy cows. Energy content and total digestible nutrient (TDN) concentration are greater in HydroGreen than in traditional forages.

Replacing traditional forages with HydroGreen increases the supply of metabolizable energy in the diet significantly. In addition, HydroGreen is a rich source of sugars, an essential nutrient for butterfat synthesis. HydroGreen will substantially improve the quality of the diets animals receive, both in terms of nutritional value and palatability. This is what makes HydroGreen ideal for dairy diets.

The benefits of this type of feed production go beyond the savings of time and money, compared to traditional cropping for feed. Dairy rations produced in a HydroGreen grow system lead to healthier animals, improved production cost, strong milk yields and better gut health.

HydroGreen is relatively new to the North American dairy market; TDS completed their first HydroGreen installation in 2021. HydroGreen and TDS customers can expect a high level of expertise and technical knowledge, skills for installation, and professionalism from project conception through the life of this sustainable production system.

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