JOZ: A Cleaner Future for Dairy

Moov that feed! JOZ is a Dutch company specializing in modern barn cleaning/feeding technology. JOZ offers several innovations for today’s farmer including a feed pusher robot and several manure scraping systems to meet any dairy’s needs.

The Moov Pro Feed Pusher Robot ensures cows have 24/7 access to feed, resulting in significant labor savings. Frequent access to fresh feed improves milk yields and cow health. The Moov Pro can be programmed for unlimited routes through the cowshed and is charged automatically by the J-load, making the Moov Pro an excellent choice for dairies of all sizes.

Since the Moov Pro can be monitored remotely, changes to the schedule can be made from anywhere. Whether a dairy feeds every two days, irregularly, or high volume, the JOZ Moov Pro can handle it. Clad in stainless steel, controlled via app or PC, and able to travel 6000 meters on one battery charge, the Moov Pro represents some of today’s best cowshed and feed technology.

JOZ’s Manure Scraper system is the answer for dirty barn floors. Scraper systems help keep barn floors clean, hygienic, and help avoid hoof problems. JOZ’s Hardox Delta Scraper and Multi-scraper are their most versatile systems that have become farmer favorites because of their versatility, animal-friendly design, and wear-resistance. Wear parts are easily replaced meaning these systems have an unlimited service life and low maintenance costs. The Hardox scraper is constructed with Hardox steel for maximum wear and tear resistance, in particular in sand barns.

The Multi-scraper is constructed from cast iron and can grow with a dairy as it changes, accommodating any fl oor and bedding type. Farmers tell JOZ they love their products. Mark van den Boogaard runs a dairy in Finsterwolde (NL). He says, “Automation creates routine and calmness, and that benefi ts both the cows and me.” Other farmers rave about the company’s customer service and ability to quickly address any needs that arise.

JOZ has been in the agriculture business for over 70 years and sells their products in 30 countries around the globe.

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