Making Sustainable Food Production Possible

Making Sustainable Food Production Possible

Profitability, efficiency, food safety and animal welfare make up the pillars of success for today’s dairy farmers. These key performance indicators also help define sustainability – a primary goal across the dairy industry.

Total Dairy Solutions (TDS) puts laser focus on the factors that are important to their customers and selects vendors who do the same – and it’s a shared interest in sustainable food production makes DeLaval an essential and ideal premier vendor. Looking at the rich 135-plus year history of DeLaval, TDS is confident in the solutions DeLaval can continue to provide for dairy farmers today and in the future.

DeLaval helps enable TDS to provide high quality, industry-leading solutions to dairy farmers of all sizes. From newborn calves to productive cows, and from the parlor to the feed bunk and everywhere in between, DeLaval offers solutions that address sustainability from three main perspectives: environment, food and animal welfare and socioeconomics. The company is also committed to reducing its own environmental impact in line with the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change and ensuring it maintains its status as a responsible employer.

Some of the most impactful technology TDS brings to their customers includes the DeLaval VMS™ milking system V300 and a full line of rotary and parallel parlors, such as the Parallel Parlor P500 and the Parallel Rotary PR3100HD. These solutions offer time and energy-saving benefits and a potential quick return on investment.

Robotic milking is all about making dairy farming more personal, accurate and profitable. This state-of-the-art technology from DeLaval can treat each farm, farmer, and cow individually. Customers who employ the VMS Classic or VMS V300 enjoy a better environment for their workers, cows and families.

Each milking parlor is also tailored to a dairy’s specific needs. DeLaval parlor milking systems are designed for maximum comfort and safety for both animals and workers. Extensive research and development have delivered a fast, efficient, and thorough milking process from the moment the cows enter the parlor, until they exit.

DeLaval provides integrated solutions designed to improve a dairy producer’s production, animal welfare and overall quality of life – and TDS is proud to deliver, support and maintain these solutions for customers across North America.

To learn more about the sustainability work of DeLaval, check out their Sustainability Report 2020.

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