Mountainside Engineering and Innovations: It’s All About Solutions

Mountainside Engineering Innovations

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Mountainside Engineering and Innovations (MEI) was founded in fall of 2021 with dairy farms in mind. MEI consists of several experienced agricultural engineers on a well-rounded team that manages engineering projects from conception through completion. MEI’s core team of engineers has roots in the dairy industry. Their projects include Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming, user interface design, schematics, panel buildout, installation and integration into herd management systems.

So why do dairy farms need PLC programming integrated into their herd management systems? Many dairies have their back of barn systems dialed in. They know where and how to control robots, fans, feeding systems, milk temperature, room temperature and more. MEI uses PLC to put everything into one place, and it’s all accessible from a single, mobile device. Even better, technicians can log into the system, troubleshoot and make many repairs remotely – saving time and money for the dairy.

PLC does not replace the systems that control robots or milk temperature, but it helps everything on the farm talk to each other and work together in an if-this-then-that format. Customers with PLC from MEI love the proactive management that the system enables. They can see what’s going on all over the farm, using cameras and data, instead of relying on employees to relay any issues.

PLC also has many applications outside of dairy, and MEI offers their expertise in other industries, too. The steel, auto, chemical and energy industries all benefit from this kind of streamlining.

MEI is based out of a large workshop and warehouse space, so that development, engineering, storage and production can all happen in one place.

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