One-Stop Herd Management with Total Dairy Solutions

One-Stop Herd Management with Total Dairy Solutions

For each KPI you can measure on the farm, there are several companies offering a solution for monitoring, recording, analyzing and delivering the data. Many dairies have chosen a variety of measuring devices from different organizations, seeing the value in different perspectives on their operation and options to fit their unique management style.

Total Dairy Solutions (TDS) offers their customers access to several herd management programs and tools, with the added benefit of a trusted adviser and tech support team to help find and implement the best solution for your dairy – making your TDS location a one-stop for herd management support.

One tool in the TDS herd management toolbox is Datamars Livestock, a livestock management company that owns a number of trusted, respected brands. One solution from Datamars Livestock that you may already be familiar with is Tru-Test, which incorporates weighing scales, portable RFID wand readers, and more.

The latest innovation from Datamars Livestock is the Tru-Test Active Tag, their solution for heat and health monitoring. The platform consists of both ear tags and collars, a web connected gateway and their cloud-based platform that delivers the insights from the data.

The Tru-Test Active Tag is simple to use and fast to install. With a plug and play gateway and advanced hardware technology for quick collar and tag activation, farmers spend less time setting up and more time where it matters.

Tru-Test Active Tag provides full access anywhere, anytime, from all devices. Specifically built on a cloud-based platform, it enables unlimited connectivity and users, making it possible to access critical information and receive crucial alerts 24/7, no matter where you are.

The collar is simply placed around the cow’s neck or alternatively, the ear tag can be tagged in a cow’s ear – similar to a cattle tag. The software will pick up early stages of common health issues and other illnesses much earlier than the farmer could visually identify it. It will generate alerts for sickness or illness in a cow before the issue has become a problem, allowing for a more proactive approach to herd management.

The cow’s collar or tag connects to a unit known as a gateway which helps pass information to the cloud for processing the data and then feeds it back to the farmer via the app in a straightforward format. Tru-Test then generates insights from the data and sends alerts to the farmer. This data can be used to inform proactive management decisions.

Trials in Ireland, New Zealand, the U.S., Italy, Argentina, France and several other locations have revealed that the system can accurately identify cows in heat and sick cows in both indoor and outdoor systems. The gateway takes in data from all animals within a 0.3-mile radius. However, the system is specifically designed to suit cows which are grazing outside that radius.

The monitors on the cows continue to record and save data when the cows are outside the radius. Then, when they come back within 0.3 miles of the gateway (i.e walking in for milking), the cows’ data from the day/night will be instantly communicated back to the farmer.

The device is designed to increase efficiency, eliminating the need for the application of other heat detection aids. It also saves time that would otherwise be spent herding and checking for sick cows. Once in place, continuous monitoring means heats, and other events, won’t be missed – with the information and alerts delivered directly to the farmer’s phone, anywhere they might be.

Heats and health events can be monitored anytime. For example, when a farmer is sitting down to their breakfast in the morning, they can check on their phone to see if any cows require attention that day.

When the Tru-Test Active Tag system is installed on the farm, a farmer can give access to the software to staff and trusted advisors, allowing the farmer to take a day off without having to worry about missed heats. The simple app interface allows farm staff to see which cows may require attention and which cows are in heat, at a glance.

Other Tru-Test solutions available through Datamars Livestock include automatic waterers, milk meters, electronic identification, software and more. Datamars also offers core farm infrastructure across a range of products including powerful electric fence systems, fencing tools and fence monitoring.

Datamars Livestock has more than 50 years of experience in supporting the everyday requirements of livestock farming. We work alongside farmers to develop award-winning, innovative technologies that stand the test of time as they apply them to the real nitty-gritty, day-to-day.

Datamars Livestock believes in farmers and stands behind those who work the land. This means they strive to create products and services that specifically make a measurable difference to their lives, enabling customers to produce more consistently, more efficiently, and more sustainably.

The Datamars sustainability mission and herd management approach aligns directly with that of TDS. TDS represents the industry’s most respected dairy innovators: designing, installing, operating and upgrading some of the world’s largest dairy farms. By leveraging long-standing relationships with manufacturers, local dairy distributors, suppliers and dealers, TDS can offer new technology, logistics and buying power that will have major advantages for the industry, all under one company.

TDS can help with every aspect of dairy farming, from agricultural supplies and feed production technology to process design, equipment installation and operational efficiency. From planning to implementation and ongoing operation, our people can oversee any element of a dairy operation. You can make a single call to TDS and receive comprehensive expertise on any or all areas of the operation: the ultimate one-stop shop for dairy farms.

Learn more about Tru-Test and other Datamars Livestock solutions here.

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