Pride in Service: TDS Idaho

Pride in Service: TDS Idaho

Individual responsibility within a team, common goals with the customer, and long work hours result in a service program that TDS can be proud of. From bulk tank retrofits to modifying crowd gates and regular service calls, the TDS Idaho team has their customers covered.

Alex Salinas manages the service team at TDS Idaho. With a full workload and a busy team, he counts on the workforce to take individual responsibility and pride in their work. “When we’re out making repairs, we’re also looking for future problems and addressing them before they cause an emergency,” Salinas says. This proactive approach has resulted in fewer after-hour calls for the team and higher satisfaction for dairies.

Salinas says his team also operates on a shared goal with their customers: the least amount of downtime possible. There is a shared understanding between the dairies and the service team that when downtime is kept to a minimum, it’s easier to maximize profitability, efficiency and animal welfare.

Although the team works proactively to prevent emergency service needs, they are always willing to put in the necessary time to meet deadlines and attend to the needs of their customers. Salinas recalls one project that required modification to a crowd gate. “We worked together as a team, we were able to make sure those modifications were finished and got it up and running, all within two days,” Salinas says. “It wouldn’t have been possible without teamwork.”

As dairy technologies continue to expand and progress, so will the TDS service teams. Salinas says new service techs on his team are making strides to expand their knowledge quickly, and the results of their dedication are paying off, for the individuals, for the team as a whole, and – most importantly – for the dairies we’re working with.

“It’s not just me, if there’s success happening, it’s a team effort. They’ve always got my back,” Salinas says.

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