The Allflex Livestock Intelligence Solution

How do you get enough information about your cows to make targeted decisions for optimum herd productivity? Total Dairy Solutions provides farm management and monitoring solutions through several partners. Perhaps one of the most renowned is Allflex Livestock Intelligence.

Allflex Livestock Intelligence began 40 years ago in Israel, with its North American headquarters located in Madison, Wisconsin. Formerly known as SCR, they are now changing the way dairy farm operators all over the world manage their dairies. They tout that their solutions empower dairy farmers to act promptly in order to protect the health and wellbeing of their animals while maintaining high production levels.

The Challenge of Dairy Herd Data

Managing a dairy requires maximum efficiency in your health, nutrition, and reproductive program, but that’s only possible with constant feedback coming directly from the cows through a reliable monitoring system. Gathering inaccurate data the wrong way can slow down response time and become detrimental to effective herd management.

That is why TDS aims to make sure that the significant advancements in technology and system design can proceed to make dairy farming more cost-efficient, while the presence of increasing costs and regulatory restrictions continue to prevail.

Why Health, Reproduction, and Nutrition Monitoring Matter

An Effective Monitoring System

Dairies need a system that relies on safe, dependable collars to track cow information so that there will never be disruptions in data collection or transmission. With Allflex, this is a concern of the past. As the collars gather information about the cow’s behavior (side lying, rest, mid activity, significant activity, rumination, eating, walking, grazing, and heavy breathing), the information goes to a centralized software system. The system assimilates each animal’s information into a complete cow and group profiles and you can quickly get feedback on how to manage each animal and the herd as a whole.

Heat Detection

With Allflex monitoring, you have the ability to breed cows based on natural cycles, minimizing the dependency on hormone programs for every cow in the herd. This reduces labor needed for these practices, reduces lockup times for the healthy animals so they are not disrupted for long periods of time for intensive reproduction management, reduces labor needed for these practices, and reduces stress to maximize the milk production of each animal.

Rumination Data

Dairy farming is all about efficiently converting feedstuffs into the maximum possible pounds of quality milk. With real-time rumination data, you will know which cows are ruminating well and which ones are not. The Allflex system will alert which cows are dropping in rumination, indicating a potential health issue. Producers can typically find sick cows 1-3 days sooner, which allows them to intervene before the problem becomes worse and still maximize milk production as much as possible.


Maximizing labor efficiency is more critical now than ever before. With Allflex monitoring, the system will tell you which cows are in heat, which cows are dropping in rumination and starting to show signs of illness, and which cows do not need to be touched at all. This makes it easy for labor to pinpoint the cows that need attention in the herd. Additionally, the Allflex sorting gate automatically sorts cows coming out of the parlor based on predetermined reports, essentially eliminating the need to sort cows manually.

Parlor Output

Milk is where the rubber meets the road for a dairy. The more you know about day-to-day output, the more you can do to identify factors that lead to higher production and duplicate them on days when yield is lower. With Allflex milking points, you can add daily milk weights to the system and make even more informed management decisions for your cows.

The Solution is Allflex

Every aspect of the herd’s health, reproduction, and production can be tracked with real-time data from Allflex’s farm monitoring solutions. You’ll be able to gather all the data you need constantly, quickly, accurately, and reliably with reports that are easy to process and understand.

That’s why TDS customers find value in Allflex. Many farm managers have gone on to claim that the system pays for itself in as little as seven months. Allflex monitoring gives you the information you need about your cows to make incredibly informed management decisions so you can ultimately cut as much cost as possible to gain maximum profitability.

TDS brings innovative technology to farmers by providing integrated monitoring of parlor data, heat detection, rumination, and more for individual cows within a herd. User-friendly monitoring tags and software allow us to identify various data points and fine-tune care for a specific cow’s needs—improving cow comfort and milk yields, and often allowing for reallocation of labor resources.