What does Sustainability Mean to TDS?

What Sustainability Means to Us

The most basic definition of sustainability, as found in the Merriam Webster dictionary is: of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.

Sustainability has been a focus of dairy farmers for generations, and in recent decades, it’s become a buzzword – a focal point in every farming conversation and an important consideration for consumers as they choose which dairy product to purchase.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for TDS. The company was founded on a vision for the future: the very heart of sustainability. The clear vision for a sustainable future is what makes TDS more than a network of dairy equipment dealerships. From manure handling to cow care and efficiency, and on-farm energy efficiency to renewable energy use, here’s how TDS brings sustainability to life.

Not just carbon neutral: carbon negative

According to usdairy.com, producing dairy has a surprisingly small impact on the environment. “In 2008, U.S. dairy was the first in the food agricultural sector to conduct a full life cycle assessment at a national level which showed it contributes just 2% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.” The site goes on to say, “Thanks to increasingly modern and innovative dairy farming practices, the environmental impact of producing a gallon of milk in 2017 shrunk significantly, requiring 30% less water, 21% less land and a 19% smaller carbon footprint than it did in 2007.”

TDS, along with the rest of the industry, isn’t stopping there. With cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes, we believe it’s possible not only to continue shrinking the carbon footprint, but also to reverse it: putting more back into the land than we are taking from it.

Vendors with a focus on sustainability

The emphasis TDS places on sustainability is carried all the way through to the vendors who source the solutions we provide. For example, DeLaval has a mission to “make sustainable food production possible.” HydroGreen is actively improving the sustainable production and quality of a dairy cow’s diet, both in terms of nutritional value and palatability. VES-Artex strives to innovate and implement intelligent barn systems to optimize animal well-being and drive sustainability for farms around the world.

Streamlined processes

Efficiency is an important pillar of sustainability. TDS has seen and acted on the value in being able to source solutions for every aspect of the dairy from one place. This ability to streamline helps ensure synchrony throughout the whole farm and contributes to a shared goal of reducing the use of water and land.

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