Our Strategic Partners


HydroGreen Systems is a world-leading supplier of revolutionary, high quality automated hydroponic closed environment production systems. Farmers can reliably produce nutritious feed year-round without the need for expensive farmland using a fraction of the water compared to traditional crops.

Partnering with Global Leaders in Dairy

We have long-term relationships and agreements with some of the best manufacturers serving the dairy industry. Exclusivity for some of these relationships extends from shared ownership, contracts, joint ventures, or as wholly owned subsidiaries of TDS that provide protection against switching and competitive entry.


Grōv Technologies is pioneering automated controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology to help meet the demands of global food security. The company has developed the Olympus Tower Farm platform to grow year-round fresh animal feed.

Olympus is an enterprise scale indoor growing system that utilizes robotic seed-to-harvest systems, scientifically proven growing protocols, and proprietary low-heat LED technology from Stellar Smart Energy Solutions.


DeLaval is the worldwide leader in milking equipment and solutions for dairy farmers, which make sustainable food production possible, ensuring milk quality and animal health. Founded more than 135 years ago in Sweden, DeLaval today has 4,500 employees and operates in more than 100 markets.



Artex Barn Solutions is passionate about cow comfort and the success of farmers. Their pioneering cow comfort research led to the development of a complete line of cattle handling products, including freestalls, headlocks, calf pens, gates and fencing, as well as ventilation products and solutions.

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